Candice Swanepoel

What a great combination, wouldn’t you think? Celebs, yoga pants, yoga pants, celebs…Hold on, where was I? Ah yeah,  women that work out always get more attention from both men and women but probably for a different reason. And let’s face it, there are two types of people. There are people that like to wear yoga pants, and another type of people are those that like to watch people wearing them. Bottom line: everyone loves yoga pants! And what could be better than seeing your favourite celebs wearing this magical piece of fitness wear?

Now celebrities have got pretty busy schedule and not every celeb can flatter their banging booty in a right way. However here is the list of those that can do it ridiculously right.  No, you are not dreaming, you are in for a treat here. Get ready! 

Yoga enthusiast and spectacular Victoria’s Secret model has the perfect body for yoga pants. She is widely recognised as one of the best bodies since the VSX 2013 campaign when she demonstrated different workout clothes.  Either when she is posing or working out, she is quite the sight!



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