Women strive to look young and gorgeous. They are ready to go under the knife, follow ridiculous beauty procedures or grooming tricks in order to appear younger than their age. However there are some ladies that are gifted with timeless or ageless beauty and they have no problem looking young for decades. Some might say it’s all down to their excellent genes, which could be true for some of course, but majority of women that look young have definitely got some tricks up their sleeve, like following a special beauty routine, doing Pilates or just have a positive outlook on life. Some women in their forties could easily pass for a teenage girl or a 20 or so lady. For instance these 10 ladies might surprise you with their real age.



Pamela Jacobs (53 years old)

This sweetheart can get you fooled with her age for real. She might look slightly older than the previous lady we talked about, but she can get easily mistaken for a GF of her 21 years old son. Oops, that is a bit awkward! Some men simply can’t believe her age and we don’t blame them. I mean look at that glorious healthy skin. Pamela says that her secret to turning back the clock is her obsession with coconut oil which she uses for everything. And by everything she means sweetener in her coffee, body moisturizer, salad dressing and even make up remover. Her fitness regimen includes yoga, body conditioning classes and she enjoys steam room and sauna sessions.


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