Anna Nicole

Anna Nicole Smith suffered from a terrible tragedy when her son combined Zoloft, Lexapro and methadone. At the age of 20, Daniel died due to the awful intoxication caused by the medicine. Doctors indicated that there were no ‘signs of tolerance’ in Daniel’s system to indicate he was a habitual user of methadone or any other drug. Although it is not unusual for recreational users to take in a lot of drugs at once, Daniel’s death remained a mystery. His father was Billy Wayne Smith who was also a half-brother to Dannielyn Birkhead. Anna Nicole couldn’t survive through her child’s death, and proceeded to die as well at the age of 39 on February 8, 2007, just 6 months after her kid. The mother of two was found unresponsive and pronounced dead from a drug overdose in her Hollywood Hard Rock Hotel room.



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