Wearing a bra to bed will prevent your breast from sagging

Survey reports that 80% of women don’t leave their homes without wearing a bra. Although some women believe that wearing no bra empowers them. There are several design and bra styles nowadays and it should be entirely personal choice to wear one or not. It’s almost like wearing a different kind of footwear. When you are invited to a party you might like to dress to the nines and wear a nice pair of high heels. Depending what kind of party it is going to be, your footwear choice would change accordingly. For example you could as well come barefoot if you were to go to a beach party. Anyhow bras are controversial. And it’s safe to say that all women have tried them on at some point of their life. You might prefer bras or not but if you have got breast you must be very familiar with this little garment. There are so many bra myths around that sometimes it is hard to understand what is right and what is wrong. The amount of sizing misconceptions alone can make one confused. What are the most common bra myths have you heard? OK, let’s get this started, shall we?


You should wear a bra while sleeping

Complete nonsense. Sleeping in a bra has little to zero effect on your breasts and what I can say from my personal experience is that it can only get super uncomfortable. Your breasts will do as they please, it’s up to them to sag or stay perky, no sleeping garments can alter that. The good news is that there is no connection between sleeping in a bra and breast cancer as some would claim. No evidence suggests that sleeping in a bra is helpful either. Sagging happens due to many factors, for instance breastfeeding is the number one cause and the number two cause is probably time.


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